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SHORT FILM, 23 minutes (2021)


Co-production by BR / HFF Munich / Merki and Reinhart Film


After a termination due to intended owner occupation, the search for a new home brings an older couple in an existential situation.


The older couple Monika and Werner Baland lives in an apartment in the Munich suburbs. One day they get a termination due to intended owner occupation. The new landlord, a young mother, wants to move in by herself with her family. But the search for a new home is very hard for the elderly couple. When the bailiff conveys the eviction notice, the couple only got three more weeks to avoid the eviction. While Monika tries everything to find a new housing, Werner fights for his dignity. 


Production: Louis Merki

Production Management: Giorgia Germeno, Lucas Lemnitzer

Director: Welf Reinhart

Director Of Photography: Matthias Kofahl 

Screenplay: Tünde Sautier

Shortlist of the German Young Screenwriting Award

Reception of the german film schools / Berlinale 2020 (pitch)

Young film pitch 2020

29th EnergaCAMERIMAGE - Toruń, 13rd-20th November 2021 (supported by German Films)

19th Bogotá Short Film Festival - Bogotá, 07th-14th December 2021

28th Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg-18th-27th März 2022

34th Filmfest Desden - 15th-20th April 2022

25th Brussels Short Film Festival-20th-30th April 2022 - International Audience Award, Next Generation Competition 

19th In The Palace International Short Film Festival - Pernik, 27th May-05th June 2022 - Special Mention, Student Fiction Competition

7th Kurzfilmnacht Moosburg, Moosburg - 23th July 2022 - Winner Audience Award

19th Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilmfestival, Kurzsüchtig, Leipzig - 29th June-03rd July 2022 - Audience Award Fiction

44th Biberacher Filmfestspiele, 01st November-06th November 2022 

21st FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos, Mainz, 03rd November-13th November 2022 

20th Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, 16th November-19th November 2022 

41st Filmschoolfest Munich, 13th November-19th November 2022 

27th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival San Francisco, 23th March-26th March 2023 - Audience Award

Winner Student Academy Awards 2022, L.A., 15th October-20th October 2022 (supported by German Films)

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